Lapel Pins Let Sports Teams Show Their Pride

August 3, 2009

Lapel Pins Let Sports Teams Show Their Pride

One element that is vital to the success of every sports team is pride. Spirit can make or break a high school, college or professional team. In order to instill team spirit in players as well as fans, it’s important to keep everyone feeling valued. Lapel pins are an excellent and inexpensive way to quickly boost pride.

Fans and players will agree that size and style of lapel pins makes them easy to wear. The shape, design and colors make lapel pins attractive – thus they get noticed.

There are several ways you can incorporate lapel pins into your team plan.

Lapel Pins Make Excellent Awards

Whether for basketball, football, baseball, soccer, hockey or any other sport, players love (and need) to be recognized for their achievements. Lapel pins make excellent awards for players at every level. Many teams give lapel pins to players when they become a member of a team, when they make junior varsity or varsity teams, when they are voted MVP of a game, or when they show great displays of team spirit.

Each of these – and others – are excellent opportunities to make players feel valued and encourage continued top performance.

Encourage Team Exposure With Lapel Pins

The rage these days among sports fans is to trade lapel pins. Some have developed quite a collection of unique and attractive lapel pins. The more unusual the lapel pins are, the more valued. Many teams choose to order lapel pins specifically for the purpose of trading in order to gain more exposure for their team.

Boost Fan Loyalty With Lapel Pins

Along with t-shirts, caps, and foam hands that signify “We’re #1,” include lapel pins in with your fan offerings. You’ll find that lapel pins will be worn during the game, but they’ll also be worn with business and casual attire… practically everywhere your fans go. The flexibility durability of lapel pins makes them the fan’s choice for showing support.

Use Lapel Pins To Generate Revenue

Need some additional funds to purchase new equipment or uniforms? Sell your team lapel pins! Lapel pins generally cost less than $2.00 each. However, since they are custom-designed, and since they display your team’s logo or mascot, they will be much more valuable to fans.

You could easily sell your team’s lapel pins for between $5.00 – $10.00 each and quickly earn the money to buy team necessities.

However you choose to use them, lapel pins make an exceptional addition to your team’s booster program. Contact us today and we’ll gladly create a full-color proof of a lapel pin design that will help your team stand out in the crowd. You’ll also receive free FedEx shipping, free color, free design, and free mold fees. In a hurry? No problem! We deliver lapel pin orders in 10 days or less!

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Lapel Pins Customized for Your Club

July 27, 2009


Lapel Pins Customized for Your Club


The fact that you are a club member says a lot about your character. Membership in any organization denotes strength, commitment, and stability. Most club members are very loyal and are true evangelists about their organization and its causes.

However, with so many clubs in existence these days, it is often difficult to set yourself apart from the rest. One way to show your dedication while also carving out your niche is with the use of customized lapel pins.

By creating custom lapel pins, you have the opportunity to show your pride every day. These attractive pieces of high-quality jewelry can be worn by men or women, and in a variety of ways.

And the cost? Lapel pins are extremely affordable… even for newly founded organizations. The average cost is under $2.00 each.

Ordering Lapel Pins

When looking for a lapel pin company, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. There are several ways you can reduce your costs and still receive attractive lapel pins.

1. Lapel Pin Quantity – Generally speaking, the more lapel pins you order, the less expensive each pin will be. Check into where the price breaks for quantity fall to be sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

2. Quality in Lapel Pins – Not all lapel pins are created equal. Ask questions about the quality of your lapel pins before you order. Your club certainly would not be well represented with lapel pins that are flimsy and bend or break. Lapel Pin Productions offers a wide variety of top-quality lapel pins to choose from.

3. Color in Lapel Pins – While colored lapel pins are extremely attractive, the more colors you include, the more the cost increases (generally speaking). Lapel Pin Productions includes up to 7 colors at no additional charge.

4. Lapel Pin Artwork – The fees for design and artwork can get quite expensive. Before using another vendor, specifically ask what charges will apply for artwork and design. Lapel Pin Productions offers artwork and design absolutely free-of-charge with every lapel pin order.

5. Revisions – This is another area that could lead to hidden charges when having custom lapel pins made. Some companies tack on additional fees for more than “X” revisions to your design. Again… be sure to ask before placing your order. Lapel Pin Productions gives you unlimited revisions at no charge.

6. Mold Fees for Lapel Pins – Before any lapel pins are produced, a mold has to be made of the lapel pin design. The “mold fee” can range from $50 to $100, and can add quite a bit to your bottom line. Ask about mold fee charges before ordering. Lapel Pin Productions does not charge a mold fee… ever.

7. Lapel Pins Shipping – You’ve probably seen many companies that not only charge shipping, but also charge a “handling” fee. These handling fees can often double the cost of your shipping charges. At Lapel Pin Productions, we don’t believe in handling charges. In fact, we don’t believe in shipping charges! As we offer free FedEx overnight shipping with every order of lapel pins.

Comparison between lapel pin companies can make a big difference in your bottom line cost. Be sure to comparison shop and ask questions before placing any orders. It’s always better to be prepared than to have unpleasant surprises show up on your invoice.

We’d be delighted to talk with you about producing custom lapel pins for your club or organization. Simply contact us for a free quote and we’ll get started right away!

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Lapel Pins Offer Economical Ways To Raise Non-profit Awareness

November 19, 2008

Lapel Pins Offer Economical Ways To Raise Non-profit Awareness

Lapel pins offer several economical ways to raise non-profit awareness even with limited budgets. Non-profit organizations seem to always be fighting the “Battle of the Budget.” Most find themselves in a “Catch 22.” If you’re a non-profit employee, you surely understand. In order to raise awareness you need money, but you can’t get more money until you raise awareness.

Use your imagination to incorporate lapel pins into your awareness campaign. With a little creativity, you can increase exposure of your cause and at the same time encourage additional donations, all through inexpensive lapel pins.

Lapel Pins To Build Awareness

Give Lapel Pins To Volunteers – Most volunteers take pride in their donation of time. Offering lapel pins to your volunteers gives them an additional outlet for exposing your non-profit, and discussing its mission with others.

Give Lapel Pins To Paid Employees – Certainly those on your payroll should be given lapel pins, and encouraged to wear them every day at the office (and elsewhere).

Send Lapel Pins With New Member Packages – While new members love getting bumper stickers or window stickers with their packages, consider mailing them a custom-designed lapel pin to wear with pride. Lapel pins are stylish enough to wear at the office or with casual attire.

Send Lapel Pins To Sponsor Companies – And Their Employees – When you gain the support of a new sponsor, be sure to send those you’ve work with lapel pins. Also include enough lapel pins for the employees of the company. Building pride with the sponsor’s employees will go along way to increase exposure of your cause.

Give Lapel Pins Away At Events – Having a silent auction? Hosting a special dinner? Whatever the event, be sure to have enough custom lapel pins on hand to distribute to the attendees. It’s a nice way to commemorate the event, and to get people talking about you.

Give Lapel Pins Away At Promotions – Are you attending a trade show? A job fair? Doing a TV interview? Take your lapel pins with you! In any position that you would offer a business card, offer lapel pins, too.

Give Away With Donations – Most people love to help a good cause. While receiving a special “thank you for your donation” letter from your organization is a nice touch, including a custom-designed lapel pin with that letter is even better. The impressive style of lapel pins lends a high perceived value. Your benefactors will be thrilled with the appreciation gift of a lapel pin.

Non-profits love working with Lapel Pin Productions for several reasons. Simply put, we help you get the most for your money. With free FedEx shipping, free color, free mold fees, free design, free revisions, and free color proofs, you save a great deal of money on each lapel pin order you place.

Contact us today and we’ll immediately get started designing the perfect lapel pins for you. Once your proof is approved, you’ll receive your lapel pins in 10 days or less… guaranteed!


“Employee Recognition Lapel Pins”

October 8, 2008


Employee Recognition Lapel Pins


Employee recognition is an important way for companies to increase morale, loyalty and boost production and sales. Whether you represent a fortune 500 company or a family owned business, employee recognition is an effective and affordable way of letting employees know they are important.

A popular employee recognition item is an employee recognition lapel pin. We can take your company logo and incorporate it into a custom employee recognition lapel pin that everyone in your company will be proud to wear.

Employees will wear their employee recognition lapel pins with great pride since their achievements will be recognized by their peers, families and friends.


Employee recognitions pins can be used for:

– Years of service
– Employee of the month/quarter/year
– Opening events
– Trade shows
– VIP gatherings
– Meeting
– Team building
– Special certifications
– Safety
– Customer Service and many other employee recognition events that are unique to your company.

The custom employee recognition pins we create will have a high quality look and feel along with long lasting appeal that will compliment both business attire and uniformed employees alike. Our design team will work with you to create the perfect employee recognition pin.

We look forward to working with your design or idea and creating your employee recognition lapel pins.


An Inexpensive and Powerful Way To Boost Your Brand

July 17, 2008

Lapel Pins – An Inexpensive and Powerful Way To Boost Your Brand

According to a press release issued over PRNewswire recently, top branding executives have projected some findings that are quite interesting. The insights they offer can have a profound impact on your branding strategy.Lapel Pins Communicate Trust, Reputability and Environmental Concern

Denis Riney, Executive Vice President of FutureBrand states, “We are seeing a rise in informed consumers who are demanding to know about the company behind the brand. Is it trustworthy, reputable, environmentally friendly? We are seeing companies bringing their corporate brand forward.”

Lapel pins can easily help you communicate a positive image about the issues at hand. For example, you can create lapel pins that display hands shaking and offer the slogan of “Full Disclosure – Complete Trust.” Perhaps lapel pins that show a tree and stream with a statement that reads “Working To Keep Our World Clean” or “95% Recyclable Materials Used” would work well to convey a message about environmental friendliness.

Lapel Pins Help Employees “Live” Your Brand

Scott Davis, Managing Partner of Prophet offers these words on the role of employees and branding: “Employees must understand the common themes of their brand and how they fit into it. There are three phases to engaging employees in branding: hearing it, believing it and living it. It’s getting employees jazzed. They must be involved at the very beginning of the process so they understand the voice of the brand and can translate it to their own area.”

In order to get your employees “jazzed,” create lapel pins for specific departments. Make the lapel pins applicable to how each department within your organization fits into the branding strategy.

By offering an attractive lapel pin that employees can wear with pride you accomplish two goals. First, you execute the first two of Mr. Davis’ three-phase employee branding outline – hearing it and believing it. Lastly, the lapel pins help employees to visualize their role within the company in order to “live” the brand.

Lapel Pins Boost Customer Service Efforts

Cayce Blanchard, Director of Corporate Communications, Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA, Inc., makes this statement with regard to the importance of customer service: “We get all of the Web inquiries and complaints and respond personally and track them. It’s so important to remember that we are talking to people here who want to hear a voice. That personal touch is so important.”

When you are working with a customer on service issues, nothing makes the statement of “We’re here to help” more than offering a tangible gift. By sending a lapel pin designed specifically for customer service purposes to the client, you’re offering something that shows you’ve heard their complaint, you’ve overcome their complaint, and you’d like to offer them something for their trouble.

In today’s world of emails and faxes, a personal effort to package and ship a gift makes a tremendous statement!

While lapel pins have always held a vital role in traditional branding, they are now becoming more important with issues customers are now bringing to light. In addition to creating lapel pins for product launches, new rollouts, movie premiers, grand openings, and new and improved products; consider creating lapel pins to address the current issues of the day. Your branding campaign will be much more fruitful for your efforts.

Contact us today and let us help you create a line of lapel pins that meet your specific branding needs.

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Lapel Pins Create A Sense of Pride With Continuing Education Programs

July 2, 2008

While many companies implement a variety of continuing education programs, most neglect to give praise to employees who take advantage of such offerings. The common line of thought is that a sense of accomplishment should come from within the employee simply for completing the tasks involved with the continuing education class. While that may be true, public recognition of employees’ accomplishments does wonders for the success of such programs.

What many companies have found is that offering an award for completion of education programs (such as lapel pins) is just what is needed to keep employees interested and motivated to learn. In turn, those employees display an increased sense of company loyalty, and a renewed desire to give their all while at work.

After all, one of our most fundamental needs is the need for acceptance and recognition. When that need is fulfilled, employees feel more valued. When employees feel more valued, they tend to be more productive.

National hardware stores often use lapel pins as recognition for completed continuing education programs. Because their employees must have a wealth of knowledge about the departments they work in, they are required to participate in a variety of classes. As an employee “graduates” from a class, they get a lapel pin to add to their vest. As with the military, the more “decorated” you are, the respected you are.

The same holds true for department stores. Employees are encouraged to take courses on customer service, computer operation, employee relations, and so forth in order to become more valuable to themselves and their company. When the courses are completed, employees receive a lapel pin to proudly display on their uniform.

Banks have also discovered the value of recognizing employees who continue to grow and achieve. Once a career path is decided, employees must then take a specific number of courses before promotion will be considered. With each completed course comes a simple recognition ceremony and the giving of a lapel pin commemorating the accomplishment.

Offering lapel pins as your continuing education incentive is a win-win for you and your employees. Because lapel pins have a high perceived value, they are readily received by employees and appreciated. However, these high-quality, attractive lapel pins cost less than $2.00 each so they easily fit into any budget.

For industries such as medicine, technology, real estate, sales, accounting and other ever-changing businesses, continuing education is a must. Providing employees with the additional recognition of lapel pins and public acknowledgement can help to encourage them to stay on top of their game… which in turn helps your company stay ahead of the competition.

We’d be glad to work with you to create a series of lapel pins that commemorate the accomplishments of your employees. Contact us today and let us create the perfect designs for your continuing education lapel pins.

Lapel Pins Boost Traffic To Your Trade Show Booth

April 14, 2008

Lapel Pins Boost Traffic To Your Booth

It’s no secret that the key to trade show success if driving traffic to your booth. However, finding the secret to building that traffic is another story. Many trade show experts will tell you that several tactics have been proven to work well. Some of these include:

  • Having a visible banner or sign that sparks interaction – Perhaps the banner above your booth could read “Ask me about free ways increase sales.” This would give the trade show visitors a reason to stop and talk with you.
  • Creating a unique and interesting booth – The more unusual you are, the more likely you are to stop traffic.
  • Send invitations and tickets – Send written invitations to your client base and include a free ticket to the trade show. Encourage your existing clients to bring an associate with them.
  • Giving something away free – The higher the perceived value, the better off you’ll be with freebies.

While many people choose to go with “typical” freebies, these can be so common that they simply don’t make much of an impact. One suggestion is to offer custom lapel pins at your booth.

The cost of lapel pins is extremely low, but the visual impact is quite high. The perceived value of lapel pins also contributes to their popularity. Viewed more as jewelry than a promotional item, lapel pins are well received by the public.

Lapel pins also create a good deal of excitement. It’s relatively easy to unleash a viral marketing campaign right within the trade show hall. Once word gets out that you are giving away attractive lapel pins free-of-charge (or perhaps in exchange for a business card from prospects), the tide of traffic will undoubtedly shift toward your booth.

Tips for Creating Lapel Pins

When creating lapel pins for your next trade show, you’ll want to take a few suggestions to heart in order to get the biggest response.

1. Give due consideration to the design – Of course you’ll want your logo or company name on the lapel pin. But you may also want to incorporate something else into the design. American flags are extremely popular right now. Combining your logo with an American flag would give added “wearability” to your lapel pins.

2. Color is a naturally attractive – The human eye naturally turns toward color. Including several colors in your lapel pin design can make the lapel pins more attractive and desirable.

3. Choose a larger size – Lapel pins are available in a variety of sizes. For trade shows, you may want to opt for a larger size in order to accommodate your logo, name and/or other information.

Tips for Building Traffic With Lapel Pins

1. Have booth representatives wear the lapel pins – When your booth representatives wear the lapel pins themselves, those who stop by your booth are more likely to want one.

2. Encourage others to “tell-a-friend” – Don’t hesitate to tell your booth visitors to spread the word about your lapel pin giveaway. Making it known that you’d like to give a lapel pin to anyone and everyone at the show is a great way to instill word-of-mouth advertising.

3. Exchange lapel pins for information – You may want to require that booth visitors complete a survey or questionnaire. You might choose to ask them for a business card in exchange for a lapel pin. Use your imagination, but don’t make the process too extensive.

For an average cost of $2.00 per lapel pin, you can boost the traffic to your booth – even on a budget. We’d love to discuss the design and production of lapel pins for your next event. Feel free to contact us today!

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Lapel Pins For Fundraising

April 2, 2008

Lapel Pins Offer Excellent Profits To Fundraisers

There are several aspects that most organizations look for when determining a product to sell during a fundraiser. Whether for schools, bands, clubs, churches, or other groups, lapel pins make an exceptional choice. Lapel pins meet all the criteria set forth by fundraising experts for a profitable program including:

  • being easy for sellers to handle
  • offering quick turnaround of funds
  • being affordable
  • providing a good value for the money
  • bringing high profits for your organization
  • appealing to many people
  • offering free product samples
  • including free shipping

Lapel Pins Are Easy for Sellers To Handle

Size often has a role to play with ease of handling. The more bulky the item, the more difficult it will be to deliver them to those who have purchased. Lapel pins are small, easily transported from place to place, and compact. There are no bulky boxes that take up all the space in homes or cars (something mom’s and dad’s will appreciate).

Quick Turnaround of Funds

Because you order lapel pins in advance of your selling program, you are able to receive – and keep – your profits immediately. No waiting for orders to be placed, deliveries of product to be made, and a check to be cut for your portion of the funds.

Lapel Pins Are Affordable

Lapel pins are extremely affordable… for you and for your patrons. Your cost is likely to range between $1.00 – $2.00 depending on the quantity and size ordered. Even with your markup, customers will find lapel pins to be a low priced item with a high perceived value.

Lapel Pins Offer Good Value for the Money

Your patrons will be amazed at the cost of the lapel pins you sell. Even if you double or triple your cost on the pins, you’ll still be able to provide a high-quality, beautiful product for between $3.00 – $6.00. A price range that everybody can afford.

High Profits To Your Organization

Most often, you are able to make an astounding 50% – 75% profit on each lapel pin sale.

Lapel Pins Are Appealing To Many People

You’ll want your fundraising product to have wide appeal. Lapel pins are attractive to men, women, and children. Choose from lapel pins with your club or school logo/mascot, American flag lapel pins, lapel pins for mom or dad, lapel pins with sports themes, and much more. They also make wonderful gifts for friends and grandparents making it more likely to sell multiple lapel pins to the same customer.

Free Product Samples

We’ll gladly send you samples of the lapel pins you’ll be selling. We want you to see the quality and beauty lapel pins offer in order to build excitement among your sellers.

Free Shipping

Not only do we include free FedEx overnight shipping with each and every order, we also include:

  • Free mold fees
  • Up to 7 colors free
  • Free design and artwork
  • Free, unlimited revisions to your artwork
  • Free color proofs
  • Guaranteed delivery within 14 days or less

Overall, lapel pins make an exceptional choice for your fundraising event. Contact Lapel Pin Productions today to discuss the details of how you can be raising funds to meet your needs quickly and easily.