Lapel Pins For Fundraising

Lapel Pins Offer Excellent Profits To Fundraisers

There are several aspects that most organizations look for when determining a product to sell during a fundraiser. Whether for schools, bands, clubs, churches, or other groups, lapel pins make an exceptional choice. Lapel pins meet all the criteria set forth by fundraising experts for a profitable program including:

  • being easy for sellers to handle
  • offering quick turnaround of funds
  • being affordable
  • providing a good value for the money
  • bringing high profits for your organization
  • appealing to many people
  • offering free product samples
  • including free shipping

Lapel Pins Are Easy for Sellers To Handle

Size often has a role to play with ease of handling. The more bulky the item, the more difficult it will be to deliver them to those who have purchased. Lapel pins are small, easily transported from place to place, and compact. There are no bulky boxes that take up all the space in homes or cars (something mom’s and dad’s will appreciate).

Quick Turnaround of Funds

Because you order lapel pins in advance of your selling program, you are able to receive – and keep – your profits immediately. No waiting for orders to be placed, deliveries of product to be made, and a check to be cut for your portion of the funds.

Lapel Pins Are Affordable

Lapel pins are extremely affordable… for you and for your patrons. Your cost is likely to range between $1.00 – $2.00 depending on the quantity and size ordered. Even with your markup, customers will find lapel pins to be a low priced item with a high perceived value.

Lapel Pins Offer Good Value for the Money

Your patrons will be amazed at the cost of the lapel pins you sell. Even if you double or triple your cost on the pins, you’ll still be able to provide a high-quality, beautiful product for between $3.00 – $6.00. A price range that everybody can afford.

High Profits To Your Organization

Most often, you are able to make an astounding 50% – 75% profit on each lapel pin sale.

Lapel Pins Are Appealing To Many People

You’ll want your fundraising product to have wide appeal. Lapel pins are attractive to men, women, and children. Choose from lapel pins with your club or school logo/mascot, American flag lapel pins, lapel pins for mom or dad, lapel pins with sports themes, and much more. They also make wonderful gifts for friends and grandparents making it more likely to sell multiple lapel pins to the same customer.

Free Product Samples

We’ll gladly send you samples of the lapel pins you’ll be selling. We want you to see the quality and beauty lapel pins offer in order to build excitement among your sellers.

Free Shipping

Not only do we include free FedEx overnight shipping with each and every order, we also include:

  • Free mold fees
  • Up to 7 colors free
  • Free design and artwork
  • Free, unlimited revisions to your artwork
  • Free color proofs
  • Guaranteed delivery within 14 days or less

Overall, lapel pins make an exceptional choice for your fundraising event. Contact Lapel Pin Productions today to discuss the details of how you can be raising funds to meet your needs quickly and easily.




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