Lapel Pins Offer Economical Ways To Raise Non-profit Awareness

Lapel Pins Offer Economical Ways To Raise Non-profit Awareness

Lapel pins offer several economical ways to raise non-profit awareness even with limited budgets. Non-profit organizations seem to always be fighting the “Battle of the Budget.” Most find themselves in a “Catch 22.” If you’re a non-profit employee, you surely understand. In order to raise awareness you need money, but you can’t get more money until you raise awareness.

Use your imagination to incorporate lapel pins into your awareness campaign. With a little creativity, you can increase exposure of your cause and at the same time encourage additional donations, all through inexpensive lapel pins.

Lapel Pins To Build Awareness

Give Lapel Pins To Volunteers – Most volunteers take pride in their donation of time. Offering lapel pins to your volunteers gives them an additional outlet for exposing your non-profit, and discussing its mission with others.

Give Lapel Pins To Paid Employees – Certainly those on your payroll should be given lapel pins, and encouraged to wear them every day at the office (and elsewhere).

Send Lapel Pins With New Member Packages – While new members love getting bumper stickers or window stickers with their packages, consider mailing them a custom-designed lapel pin to wear with pride. Lapel pins are stylish enough to wear at the office or with casual attire.

Send Lapel Pins To Sponsor Companies – And Their Employees – When you gain the support of a new sponsor, be sure to send those you’ve work with lapel pins. Also include enough lapel pins for the employees of the company. Building pride with the sponsor’s employees will go along way to increase exposure of your cause.

Give Lapel Pins Away At Events – Having a silent auction? Hosting a special dinner? Whatever the event, be sure to have enough custom lapel pins on hand to distribute to the attendees. It’s a nice way to commemorate the event, and to get people talking about you.

Give Lapel Pins Away At Promotions – Are you attending a trade show? A job fair? Doing a TV interview? Take your lapel pins with you! In any position that you would offer a business card, offer lapel pins, too.

Give Away With Donations – Most people love to help a good cause. While receiving a special “thank you for your donation” letter from your organization is a nice touch, including a custom-designed lapel pin with that letter is even better. The impressive style of lapel pins lends a high perceived value. Your benefactors will be thrilled with the appreciation gift of a lapel pin.

Non-profits love working with Lapel Pin Productions for several reasons. Simply put, we help you get the most for your money. With free FedEx shipping, free color, free mold fees, free design, free revisions, and free color proofs, you save a great deal of money on each lapel pin order you place.

Contact us today and we’ll immediately get started designing the perfect lapel pins for you. Once your proof is approved, you’ll receive your lapel pins in 10 days or less… guaranteed!



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